Every successful business has one thing in common...

...their messaging is always really clear.

Every successful business has one thing in common...

GroganShaellDesign help small to medium-sized businesses, across many sectors, discover their inner clarity and with it the power to reach new marketplaces with just the right messaging through just the right channels.

In other words we make complex information make sense to the right people.

It’s called information design and it’s how we get your business on the super-highway to successville.

Aylesford Brochure


Sales brochure

Danish UK Association

Danish UK Association

Rebrand following merger

Prestige World Advertising

Prestige World


More London Social Media Identity

More London

Social Media Identity

Every business should have a GroganShaellDesign on side! They have an extraordinary ability to produce clear and well-targeted work. Perhaps it is their genuine interest in our business product and growth which helps them see what needs to be done. They’re creative, responsive, thoughtful, careful and responsible and I have no worries about having the great materials I need when I need them.

Sara Malin, Director, Prestige World Ltd